Gate to heaven

In The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, one of my characters, a shape-shifter named Irusan, explains his origins:

“Where am I from? It’s a world that co-exists in the same space as this one, but one that no man or beast can see. It’s invisible, much as our sanctuary here is invisible to others. It exists in a frequency zone . . . What is a frequency zone? If you could see what you were made of, you would notice that each particle that makes you you, moves in a certain way. Think of them as extremely small, spherical objects, so small that you can’t see them because your eye can only see things that are larger. If you drew a line through the center of these tiny spherical objects, you would see that some lines, or what we call an axis, runs through the center of each particle vertically, up and down, and the sphere rotates around this invisible line. Sometimes the axis may move to another angle, and the sphere would rotate at this angle, either faster or slower. That is what we call particle spin or frequency. If all of your particles change their spin direction and rotation speed ever so slightly, you disappear, but you will continue to exist, only on another level and in another world. You could even shape shift, as I do.”

Irusan is revealing, in his simple and direct way to a technologically backward people, what we only theorize today as being scientific possibilities: alternate universes, other dimensions.

How would you explain electricity to a stone-age or medieval culture? If you even managed to do so, you would probably be burned as a witch or wizard, or sacrificed at the next full moon.

The theme in the Ialana Series, all three books so far, is to show that even things we would consider magical today are nothing more than an understanding of the laws of the universe–a universe that is more than what the eye can see or that our instruments can measure.

The paragraph above is probably the most complicated one in the book. The rest of it is adventure and intrigue, sprinkled with the knowledge of a more advanced society. A reader will never be bored.

I am sure you will enjoy the first in the series, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, and from there you will most certainly wish to keep up with the exciting lives of The Six. As a bonus, the first book is still only .99c.


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