Katlynn Brooke

Man particle and cosmological  physics

How do you see the universe? What if reality was subjective? One of the definitions of subjective is “Proceeding from or taking place within an individual’s mind such as to be unaffected by the external world.”
In the Ialana Series I have woven plots and characters in and out of that definition. My characters, or at least the Six protagonists, must proceed from a place of extreme skepticism—where most of us live most of the time—to a knowing that the nature of reality is really just a magnificent hologram.

It is a matrix that has been created—wait for this—by us. We have all agreed upon what our reality really is, but we have also agreed that it will remain within the natural laws that cannot be broken. For example, we agree on gravity. It works for everyone in the same way.
However, what if one could master one’s hologram and…

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