Change of Address for Katlynn Brooke Blog

If you have subscribed to the Katlynn Brooke blog….

The address has changed location to where you will see all my new posts and updates.

I will automatically subscribe you to my new blog if you have not already done so, but if you do not wish me to, please let me know through “contact”, or you can simply unsubscribe.

Also, on this new Katlynn Brooke site, you have the option to subscribe to my free novella, The People of the Damned. It is the backstory on two of my characters in the Ialana Series, Holgar and Adne. It will automatically sign you up to receive my newsletter as well.

There will no longer be blogs on this site. Thank you for your support, and I hope you will enjoy my blogs on the new location as much as this one.