Season’s Greetings!

Christmas Tree In Snowy Night

This year, our holiday season on the East Coast looks nothing like the above picture. The temperatures are more like that of early spring, and even the flowers and insects are confused. I imagine there are going to be many disappointed children, too, but there is a solution.

Untether your imaginations! Let it roam free with a good book. For myself, I would prefer an amazing fantasy, perhaps even re-reading some of my old favorites, such as The Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings.  Or, one can find books that have wintry, snowy settings, such as Frozen, Harry Potter books, or anything by Robin Hobb in her Fitz and the Fool series.

For those who don’t mind a Christmas devoid of the white stuff, but love to get lost in a good fantasy book, the choices are endless. It can be confusing, too. There are so many books out there to choose from, so many genres and new authors popping up all the time. Sometimes we are afraid to try a new author, a new series, or something that has not yet been tested by the general public.

As an avid reader myself, I can fully understand how one may not wish to veer from the popular literature out there. But I take my hat off to those who are not afraid to give a new author a chance! After all, it takes a brave soul to plow through books that are badly written, boring, or unedited.

You won’t encounter any of that in my books. Since I am a reader too, and have been ever since I learned to read at age 5, I understand what readers want. More importantly, I understand what it is you don’t want to see in a book.

So give the Ialana Series a shot. The first book in the series, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, will introduce you to the characters and the setting in a way that will hold your interest to the end. I can promise that the action never lags, the plot will intrigue and it will, by the end, leave you wanting more.

In The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana, the Six continue with their adventures, picking up where they left off, but with an entirely new plot. Each book in the series is a complete book, so you will never be left hanging at the end.

In early 2016 (a few weeks!) the third in the series, Anwyn of Ialana will be available. This book holds a promise for even more action, many more plot twists, and enough excitement to keep you glued to your Kindle or Nook. Or, if you prefer, these books are also available in paperback. Now is a good time to catch up with this series, and I hope you will get as much enjoyment out of them as I did writing them.

Merry Christmas to my new readers, and have an enjoyable and wonderful New Year, snow or no snow.

Katlynn Brooke


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What If…

Man particle and cosmological  physics


How do you see the universe? What if reality was subjective? One of the definitions of subjective is “Proceeding from or taking place within an individual’s mind such as to be unaffected by the external world.”
In the Ialana Series I have woven plots and characters in and out of that definition. My characters, or at least the Six protagonists, must proceed from a place of extreme skepticism—where most of us live most of the time—to a knowing that the nature of reality is really just a magnificent hologram.

It is a matrix that has been created—wait for this—by us. We have all agreed upon what our reality really is, but we have also agreed that it will remain within the natural laws that cannot be broken. For example, we agree on gravity. It works for everyone in the same way.
However, what if one could master one’s hologram and experience things that others would be afraid to try? Such as mastering gravity. We do it all the time. We have planes. Birds and bugs do it regularly. But what if we all had a built-in spirit-vehicle that is not affected by gravity?
In my series, this is called a Merkaba. Everyone possesses one. Not everyone knows how to use it. In fact, I would say hardly anyone knows how to use it, in and out of the fictional books. I don’t. But my characters want to learn, and learn they do! It doesn’t just happen with a wave of a wand, or a simple belief, but takes years and years of practice.
We have all heard of angels, and how they use their Merkabas to go from their dimension to ours. It does not take a great leap of consciousness to understand that angels are ascended beings who have mastered the nature of reality. Allow your mind to expand even further: that we are all capable of this, if we choose to put the time and effort into it.
For eons, this knowledge has permeated the various religions and cults, but no one seems to have a grip on it, and it is nearly always regarded with great suspicion and antagonism. This knowledge has been obscured, distorted to the point where it no longer seems like something “real”. Mission accomplished. We are confined.
What if we knew—remembered—we had one and how to use it? Some of us, for sure, would use our ability in a way that would not infringe upon the free will of others, but some—many, unfortunately—would use it to gain power and use it for evil. In the Ialana series, the few who know how to use it, use this ability in both ways. It makes for a good story, and goes a step or two beyond the flying broomstick because it also confers invisibility upon the user.
In The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, I introduce the Merkaba, but it is not yet a possibility for our protagonists. In The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana, our protagonists must learn to use theirs but they are not proficient, especially when returning to our reality.

It is only in the third book of the series, Anwyn of Ialana, where the Six are able to use their Merkabas with any kind of proficiency. But so do the bad guys. The very, very bad guys!
Anwyn of Ialana will be published early 2016.

More Than Just a Good Story

Gate to heaven

In The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, one of my characters, a shape-shifter named Irusan, explains his origins:

“Where am I from? It’s a world that co-exists in the same space as this one, but one that no man or beast can see. It’s invisible, much as our sanctuary here is invisible to others. It exists in a frequency zone . . . What is a frequency zone? If you could see what you were made of, you would notice that each particle that makes you you, moves in a certain way. Think of them as extremely small, spherical objects, so small that you can’t see them because your eye can only see things that are larger. If you drew a line through the center of these tiny spherical objects, you would see that some lines, or what we call an axis, runs through the center of each particle vertically, up and down, and the sphere rotates around this invisible line. Sometimes the axis may move to another angle, and the sphere would rotate at this angle, either faster or slower. That is what we call particle spin or frequency. If all of your particles change their spin direction and rotation speed ever so slightly, you disappear, but you will continue to exist, only on another level and in another world. You could even shape shift, as I do.”

Irusan is revealing, in his simple and direct way to a technologically backward people, what we only theorize today as being scientific possibilities: alternate universes, other dimensions.

How would you explain electricity to a stone-age or medieval culture? If you even managed to do so, you would probably be burned as a witch or wizard, or sacrificed at the next full moon.

The theme in the Ialana Series, all three books so far, is to show that even things we would consider magical today are nothing more than an understanding of the laws of the universe–a universe that is more than what the eye can see or that our instruments can measure.

The paragraph above is probably the most complicated one in the book. The rest of it is adventure and intrigue, sprinkled with the knowledge of a more advanced society. A reader will never be bored.

I am sure you will enjoy the first in the series, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, and from there you will most certainly wish to keep up with the exciting lives of The Six. As a bonus, the first book is still only .99c.

Good News!


The new edition (2nd) of the first book in the Ialana Series, has been published in e-book format on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  Print-on-demand copies will soon be available on both places. The price is right, the story is spell-binding, and I think the cover is amazing. Please take a look. Read the first chapters, and see what you think.

The second book in the series, The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana, will be re-published in the next 10 days as well on these sites. I think once you have read the first book, you won’t be disappointed, and will definitely want to read the next one!

The third in the series, Anwyn of Ialana, will be published in early 2016. I can’t wait.

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